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V 4.0

Makes it easy to run a 100% perfect Forex-Binary website using our fully automated software / source code for desktop, tablet and mobile betting.

Our PREMIUM SYSTEM is fully automated and a FREE datafeed is integrated.
With our platform, users can bet on currencies and other markets and check their financial and betting history using a single login.

Our platform also provides you with all the management tools you need to manage your Backend throughout your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Frontend Features

The goal between the user and the platform is effective operation and control of surface. Receiving all required datas live from the data feed and server which aids the operator in making operational decisions for a real proper working Forex betting platform.

Please see some of the frontend functions below:

  • Registration
  • Account Settings
  • Deposit Options
  • Withdrawal Form
  • Betting and financial History
  • Ticket placement
  • News Function
  • Contact Form
  • Banner Options

Backend Features

The "Backend / Admin" is a term that refers to the part of the platform that process data in a mode or stage that is not visible to the user.

In the Backend of our platform you can find these sections below:

  • General Settings
  • User & Admin Controll
  • Operation Settings
  • Results Management
  • Tickets Management
  • Finance Management
  • Communication
  • Logging Report

User Management

The User Management is a tool specifically dedicated for administrator to manage the existing users. The administrator can have full access to all user information and all transactions.

Please see the main user management functions below:

  • Search Users over the Database
  • Manual User Creation
  • User Management

User & Admin Controll

The User & Admin Management is the management of the administration panel. In our platform Backend, the operator can create for other administrators access according to your requirements and business model.

Operation Settings

The Bet Management is the plug in of events supply management. The main section function is to manage stock exchange prices. Our Premium Platform receives the charts and other data from an integrated data feed provider.

Furthermore, our developer are ready to implement third party odds data (feed) providers or any other functions for your special business model.

Result Management

The Results of the bets is the last ticket stage. The system change instantly ticket status and calculate winning credit to user balances and display it in the history of their betting activity.


Marketing is a business discipline which is targeted on marketing techniques and information. In the Forex-Binary industry, marketing takes a very high place of business. Our platform gives opportunities to manage the marketing directly from the administration panel.

Furthermore, you have option to send promotional news letter.

General Settings

The purpose of the Setting function is to set parameters on functionality. The changes effects the platform in real time. There are plenty settings and all them relates to the working platform engine and interface.

Please see the list of main settings:

  • My Profil settings is option to add your e-mail and password.

  • Settings is an option to set up your website.

  • CSS setting is an option to change easy colours and fonts, without FTP using.

  • Templates is an option to change with an integrated editor easy text and layout, without FTP using.


In the Forex-Binary Market in particular the information requirement is growing day upon day. Over the last few years Forex-Binary has grown exponentially as more and more.

Our PREMIUM Source Code has implemented a FREE third party data feed provider. This data feed provider delivers all data directly and FREE to your database. It is FREE!

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